Get Smart About Guns, Progessives

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As Progressives pursue Congressional majorities and increasing influence in local governments they clamor for gun control yet can’t coherently explain the rationale behind the pursuit of this goal. Aside from the grand-scale idea that is theoretical and therefore easy to debate – gun control reduces gun violence – Progressives are hamstrung about the practicalities of gun control and are losing a battle they should easily win.

Progressives need to approach gun control the way Conservatives seek to limit abortion.

Ridiculous Conservatives, of course, seek the complete destruction of a woman’s right to choose, but the more pragmatic have put policies in place that ban late-term abortion along with ultrasound policies and parental consent, etc. Basically, Conservatives have made it harder to get an abortion than to get a gun.

Other activities more arduous than purchasing a gun:

  • Purchasing a cell phone
  • Buying a car
  • Buying a house
  • Adopting a rescue animal
  • Obtaining health insurance
  • Getting a teaching certificate
  • Voting in most GOP states
  • Starting a business
  • Skydiving
  • Obtaining birth control

The Second Amendment should be repealed because the context used by the framers for inclusion is as outdated as the Third Amendment. Realistically, the goal of repeal is the unreachable star and tilting at windmills is a waste of time while people are dying in a church.

Or a movie theater. Or an elementary school. Or a high school. Or at their job. Or in their college classroom. Or at a nightclub. Or at a restaurant. Instead of chasing the impossible dream, Progressives need to be pragmatic and employ the strategy used by Conservatives regarding abortion. Here’s how: banning the AR-15 is something that will take a ton of time and money. The AR-15 is a gun that is easily modified. However, Progressives focus on the gun itself and not the modifications that take it from being a powerful long gun to being an automatic rifle. When looking at Guns and Ammo magazine, there are more modifications than you can shake a stick at for the AR-15. All of which are designed to make the gun easier to handle, fire bullets at a quicker rate, and ultimately turn the gun from being a powerful but legal gun to being a military-grade killing machine. Put it this way – when reading through the modifications possible with the AR-15 there’s an uneasy voyeuristic queasiness you feel. Not only is this gun and the modifications responsible for the ending of innocent lives in mass shootings, but the fetishizing of the gun and the modifications can’t be normal. Imagine if there were publications devoted to abortion and gleefully telling you how to have the best, most efficient abortions. Conservatives would be outraged by it. However, the Supreme Court affirmed the legality of abortion with equal ferocity as it affirmed the legality of individuals owning guns. Progressives need to educate themselves on the gun modifications and then use that knowledge to shoot down the red herrings thrown out by the NRA and gun deviants. Here’s a short list of what Progressives need to learn about:
  • Stocks: these go on the butt of the AR-15 and are intended to reduce recoil and get you back into a proper firing position. The bump stock is the most notorious, but looking through all the other stocks you see that the bump stock is just one of many deadly modifications
  • Triggers: The goal of these modifications is to give an easier pull on the trigger. Because automatic weapons are banned, triggers can’t be held in place, but they can be modified to fire with greater ease so you don’t have to pull as hard with your finger.
  • Grips: The pistol handle on the AR-15 is widely panned in the gun fetishist world as “uncomfortable”; again, the more comfortable the grip, the easier the gun is to fire. The easier the gun is to fire, the easier it is to fire more bullets in lesser time.
  • Barrel Shrouds: Attempts to ban these were met with cries that the barrel shroud is just cosmetic. Here’s what the barrel shroud does – dissipates the heat from the barrel so your hand can aim (hold?) with greater ease. After firing about 10 rounds, the barrel itself gets so hot you’d be unable to hold it.
  • Sights: When you’re looking to hit a far target, this makes it much easier to hit your target, like the shooter in Las Vegas. Being able to hit a target from range is something that easily turns a powerful rifle into a military grade killing machine.
  • Tripods: The shooter in Las Vegas also had a tripod, which allowed him to easily maneuver the weapon without having to carry the weight of the weapon. This is the type of accessory that John Rambo used.
  • Muzzles: There are a lot of different things that muzzles do, but perhaps the biggest problem they present is lowering the sound emitted when a bullet is fired. In a mass shooting, the lack of sound could prevent people from taking cover earlier.

There is no reasonable argument for anyone to have these accessories. The reality is Progressives need to do with these accessories what Conservatives have done with all their different abortion regulations. 
Run commercials, constantly talk about these accessories, and all the while understand that getting the Second Amendment repealed isn’t an option; instead frame the debate that these accessories making going to school, the movies, a night club, and even your job something that can end your life.

That’s how we win. 

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