Welcome to Prosistance, a new online publication containing essays on the tactics and goals of resistance to political overreach in the era of Donald Trump. While these essays are written by members of Palm Beach Indivisibles, they don't purport to be "official" statements of the group: they represent the individual opinions of the authors, and in fact, we expect that there will disagreement and contradiction between them as they explore the issues that challenge us.

In the '60s (an era I knew well ;) we had the benefit of half a dozen years of great writing by leftwing thinkers, in publications from Ramparts to Rolling Stone, from the East Village Other to the San Francisco Oracle. Tactics were argued over, goals debated. Even though the era began with very different groups fighting for very different outcomes – from black rights to the Vietnam war to drug legalization – in the end these writers found common ground by focussing on the fundamental ideals of equality, personal freedom, and an end to militarization and international confrontation. They defined the '60s by writing its story and because of them, we largely won the debate.

Since then we have become accustomed to these ideals successfully overcoming the retrograde instincts of many in our country. From black rights to women's rights to gay rights, from sexual freedom to a volunteer army to environmental consciousness, barrier after barrier has fallen, sometime through legislation, sometimes by court order, so much so that subsequent generations have become relaxed about the need to fight for them. Yet here we are, exactly 50 years later, and to our shock and chagrin we are faced with an administration and Congress that intend to roll back much of what seemed permanent. Unfortunately, as we react to these assaults on what we consider to be core American values, we face broad uncertainty and disagreement within our ranks about what the priorities are and how to achieve them. Even while the bandwidth of the internet is overloaded with social media conversations, and our cable news networks spend 24 hours a day talking about each day's events, we seem to know less about what our goals really are. We need new writers to think through what's at stake and articulate for us the why's and how's of a new resistance.

So, while we won't pretend to be great thinkers, or to have comprehensive understanding of every issue, we at Palm Beach Indivisibles are going to try to think through, debate, and reach consensus on who we are and what we want to achieve. Please contact us with comments. And if you have something to say (and can articulate it well), we encourage you to reach out to us and join our team, whatever group you may choose to resist with. This should be a platform for building the architecture of resistance in the 21st Century, so that we can win the debate and enjoy another 50 years of peace, freedom, civil rights, and international cooperation. 


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